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Mortarless Masonry

Mortarless Masonry is an exciting new innovation in concrete block construction. With our specially-engineered mortarless block technology, load-bearing walls can be quickly and easily built, even by those without the skills and expertise of professional blocklayers.

Mortarless offers the possibility of substantial savings in construction time and labour costs, and greatly reduces the waste associated with mixing mortar onsite. Unlike other similar systems, Mortarless complies with SAA Codes and features significant new innovations to ensure maximum strength and reliability.

The strength and load bearing capacity of Mortarless block walls is gained from the core filling grout, and all walls constructed with Mortarless blocks must be fully grouted. All finished walls are therefore tantamount to reinforced concrete walls and are of far superior strength when compared to walls constructed with mortared hollow blocks or partially core filled blockwork.

Construction of walls using Mortarless blocks is far quicker than construction of walls using traditional mortared blocks. Furthermore there is very little of the usual onsite mess (sand, cement bags, mortar droppings, etc) and the blocks can be laid wet or dry. In fact, Mortarless blocks can even be laid in the rain if necessary!

What Sets Mortarless Apart from the Rest?

There are a number of mortarless block systems available in Australia, but none have the full range of features of Mortarless.

All load bearing walls constructed of mortarless blocks rely entirely on the core fill grout for their strength in resisting both axial and transverse loads. All walls constructed with Mortarless blocks must therefore be core filled (grouted). Steel reinforcement is used to add strength both during and after construction, and as always it is essential to provide adequate concrete cover to reinforcement if long term corrosion is to be avoided in walls that are exposed to the elements. Most mortarless block systems do not provide adequate cover to the embedded reinforcement and hence walls constructed using the blocks do not comply with SAA Codes. Mortarless blocks are the exception.

Mortarless blocks have been designed by engineers to address this issue. The ends of the blocks have been especially shaped to ensure adequate grout cover, and the plastic connectors have been engineered to ensure that grout can readily and completely fill voids created by the shaped ends of the blocks. These are the predominant features that differentiate Mortarless blocks from the rest of the mortarless blocks on the market and the importance of these features cannot be overstressed.

Another important feature of Mortarless blocks is the large chamfer along the inside top edge of both side walls. These chamfers allow grout to fill under the bottom surface of the blocks in overlying courses and thereby maximise the effective load bearing width or thickness of walls constructed using the blocks.